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Rhyme Owners Association (ROA) is formed by the 20 flat owners, owning the flats in the residential complex of 24 number of 2 BHK flats. Rhyme, which is located centrally at a distance of 10 minutes’ drive from Lulu Mall,  Amrita hospital and container road at a place known as Kunnumpuram. This association came into existence with the following purpose:-

1.  To foster social, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere and to inspire fellow feeling and cooperation amongst the residents and to install a spirit of camaraderie among them.     
2. To take over, hold, maintain, administer/manage or regulate all the common areas, assets and facilities under the building scheme covered by the approved plan
3. To regulate the common activities, maintain and improve upon the common amenities to the better advantage and benefit of the members
4. To represent members of the Association in all matters pertaining to the common properties to negotiate, conduct and carry out litigation and settle any matter affecting the common rights, interests and properties of Rhyme. 
5. To establish, maintain and carry out its own accounts or jointly with individuals or institutions for the benefit of its members and their families.

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